REPARO brand is the biological functional high-end skin care brand, created by BioMark (China) International Limited combined with Korea Beautee Collagen Company. Its products obtain the manufacturing and technology patents of water-soluble high-purity fermented small molecule collagen as the technology characteristic, has a greatly improved effect on repairing body lines and other skin problems.

Brand purpose is to provide "safer, more convenient, visibly effective” products. We will research and develop new products continuously, including: biological functional cosmetics contributing to the health and beauty of the human; safely caring for baby products, the highest degree medicine functional cosmetic and health functional foods produced with high functional biological raw materials, etc.

BioMark (China) International Limited was founded in 2008, is a wholly owned subsidiary of JF Investments Hong Kong Ltd, and obtains the title of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, mainly engaged in research and development of high-tech biological medical technology, medical equipment import and export trade and marketing.

Company cooperates with scientific research institutions of Canada, the United States, Korea and other places, has a number of domestic invention patents and products based on independent research and development. Currently, Company researches, develops independently and sales more than 20 kinds products, main products include early cancer detection kits, bone induction artificial bone, VSD and fermented collagen, etc.

Beautee Collagen company is located in the North Chungcheong of South Korea, where is famous for cosmetics research and development, as a biological science and technology cooperation company, mainly engaged in Collagen materials research. Company concentrates on the study of collagen material since 1998, cooperating extensively with Chungbuk National University medical health resources research center. Researches include products improving skin disorders, high value-added functional cosmetics, health food, etc.

Company has the world's leading biotechnology research and development team, adhere to the study of biology natural safe natural ingredients which are harmless to the human body. High-purity water-soluble fermented small molecule collagen, as a company's research result, has been patented in Japan and Korea, and has strong repercussions in the world market.

There are currently more than 40 brand stores in Korea. The brand is entering more than 200 comprehensive cosmetics stores, marching into Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia and other places.